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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.10.10

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Kansas Football

Ku-2Les Miles, LSU Tigers and Big 12 Conference mediocrity on the college football menu - ESPN
If you're first-year Jayhawks coach Turner Gill (23) and your team has largely stunk this season, you can pair this with the September upset of Georgia Tech as building blocks for the future.

Ku-2KU reflects on 'surreal' win |
"I think we all woke up the next morning saying, 'What happened?" - Chuck Long

Ku-2Calm Mecham keeps KU focused |
Starter #3. This job is wide open headed into the offseason, just no way around it.

Ku-2Gill: Nebraska game isn’t any different |
Gill's thoughts on Nebraska.

Ku-2Kansas quarterback Mecham gets nod, pats on back |
Interesting that it was his job regardless.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Preseason Crystal Ball for 2010-11 College Basketball Campaign - NCAA Basketball -
SI Predictions, plenty of Kansas mention to go around. And a Marcus Morris appearance.

Ku-2Is that really Markieff Morris? |
The praise continues for the "other" Morri.

Ku-2Big things to come? Robinson powers Jayhawks |
Robinson with a big game last night. An inside presence of sorts?

Big 12

Dan Hawkins out as Colorado football coach; Bill McCartney a candidate - The Denver Post

"I would be surprised if we're in a $2 million-plus market place," Bohn said. "I do believe we have a plan to address the assistant coaches' pool." 

Interesting comments from the bar that low at Colorado or is he trying to drum up some donor cash?

Axing Hawkins costly for Colorado |

“If we can emerge from not being dead last in the Pac-12 Conference as far as number of donors and amount of money raised — that’s a challenge for us.”

Another comment just full of positivity from Bohn. Things are bad in Colorado.