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He's BACK!

I hope I'm not spilling any secrets, and I don't think I am considering Bensa has posted this on facebook, but guess who's back!!!

That's right, last year we were all witness to Bensa's National Anthem/Alma Mater expertise inside Allen Fieldhouse for Kansas vs. Iowa State.The gig gained Bensa national notoriety and of course his first Hall of Fame induction(to our knowledge) right here at Rock Chalk Talk.

As we now approach the 2010-2011 basketball season there is BIG NEWS on the RCT/Bensa front (like how I'm claiming credit for this in a roundabout way?).

Bensa has shunned the draw of millions, record deals, Hollywood glamor, Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Osborne to stay for at least one more performance in the PHOG.

This time Bensa performs at one of the biggest home games of the year. Missouri comes into town on February 7th for Big Monday.  At the moment both Kansas and Missouri are considered contenders for the Big 12, both could very easily be ranked and things are going to be rockin in the Fieldhouse.  I'm going to go ahead and say Bensa will top Eddie Money.

Bensa bring it home right, congrats and this is taking awesome to a whole new level.