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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.7.10

Thursday and the good news is the football weekend kicks off with what I think could be a fun matchup, K-State vs. Nebraska. Gridiron for today previews the "Hawk Bowl" a game for redshirts and those that aren't seeing much PT.

As for KU football it's still a slow week as their are no media activities with the coaches out on the road.  As mentioned yesterday Coach Gill was in Garden City checking in on Maurice Couch and it REALLY sounds like we're in a good spot with him. Potential game changer or at the very least a big boost if Kansas can bring him aboard. 

Today we've got a statistical post coming from Warden.  Not the typical tale of the tape but more an effectiveness of Kansas through five games in different scenario's.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Do Turner Gill's rules, those of other coaches impede young men's development? - ESPN
Sheesh...blood in the water and the media isn't going to quit. Time to win some games an hush the critics. Well, maybe next year.

Ku-2Search for A.D. on target |
On the AD search

Ku-2After effects: KU, Tech, USF moving forward |
A look at the three programs where "player abuse" signaled a regime change.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Late Night details emerge |
Late Night, Cole, Sherron and more

College Football News

College Football Coaches On The Hot Seat -
A look at five college football coaches who are squarely on the hot seat entering Week 6 of the season.

A plug for the fam

Scoring Goals and Serving Others - University of Notre Dame Official Athletics Site
Shameless plug here. Not KU related in the least, but my cousin who is from the KC area plays soccer at Notre Dame and she spent some of her summer volunteering abroad. I know we've got a few soccer fans around here so maybe this relates in a round-about way.


Fed-up girlfriend calls 911 on pot-smoking beau - U.S. news
A 35-year-old man was charged in Missouri with possessing marijuana after his girlfriend called 911 and said she was tired of him smoking pot all day instead of working....I just couldn't help myself.

If anyone else saw anything else out there remotely funny, sport related that interests you, or even better Kansas related...throw it's dead out there.