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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.6.10

Bye week means no Tuesday presser, coach is out recruiting.  Matchup breakdown will also take a week off and we'll look at KU v K-State next Wednesday prior to the game.  For today, an update on our Turner Gill report card.As you'll recall we did a mid year assessment and it will likely look quite a bit different through five. 

Also, the roundtable and for those that are craving basketball, we're sitting at 3 football ?'s and 2 basketball ?'s for the week. All in all things seem to be ramping up surrounding the roundball season so hopefully we'll have some good things to talk about in that respect in the near future.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Turner Gill defends players' female curfew - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
This is getting a little old. If Kansas is winning, nobody cares. Not to mention other programs have similar rules. Time to get used to it, nobody wants us to succeed and they'll pile the dirt on at any opportunity.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Mikeal Hopkins picks Georgetown |
Bummer on this one. He was just in Lawrence.

Ku-2College hoops appetizers abound - College Basketball -
A cornucopia of non-conference contests in November, December and January will help set the table for March Madness.

Big 12

Prediction bodes well for Cats | Campus Corner
A little background on recent coaches poll winners.

Cats top Big 12 hoops poll |
A recap article on the Big 12 poll from yesterday.

Baylor guard LaceDarius Dunn suspended indefinitely following aggravated assault arrest - ESPN
A situation to keep an eye on. Broken jaw...ouch!