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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 4

Week four and we're really beginning to see where some of the epic battles of the 2010 fantasy league are going to take place.

Division five with Bourbon and Water and The Farm Boys looks to be one of the toughest.  While Division two is getting Angused, Rockemchalkem'd and look about as Despicable as it get's.  Lame yes, funny no.

Power Rankings

1.  Bourbon and Water - Still undefeated despite a bit of an off week production wise. Right now Don Shula and the '72 Dolphins are getting nervous...yes that's correct, they follow fantasy football too.

2. Denver's Fighting Gillgino's - It's a well oiled machine!  Despite having to make a few last minute roster changes to accommodate a bye week the Gillgino's are doing everything that the real Gill can' and compete consistently.  Another step toward the division title as the Gillgino's pick up another game in week 4.

3.  Supercharged Stuckey's - The second most productive team in the league offensively and still chugging along to the tune of a 3-1 record. The only thing holding the Stuckey's back at this point is a 1-1 division record which does make them a bit fragile if they hit some turbulence.

4.  Kansas Farm Boys - Big win in week 4 for the Farm Boys as they step up and keep pace with Bourbon and Water.  In a league where winning your division is crucial, this could be a heck of a race.  Farm Boys are a solid team but currently sit on the outside looking in because Bourbon just keeps winning.

5.  Perpetual Dolemite - Dolemite posts a big win against an early league contender in the Trending Meme.  A gradual climb find Dolemite in the #5 spot and comfortably in the playoffs for the moment. Keep an eye on Cromartie in the rearview though, he's got a 2-0 division record and holds the tiebreaker.

6.  Dolphin Safe Whalers -The little engine that could sits in the #5 seed if the playoffs started today.  Clearly karma is showing the Whalers a little love after a season spent bashing the heads of innocent seals.

7. The Despicables - The Despicables dropped a tough one as Matt Hasselbeck tanked and Adrian Peterson enjoyed his bye.  They still control a playoff spot at just 2-2 in what is quickly becoming the NFC West and the worst division in the league.

8.  Trending Meme - The slow drift back to the pack continues.  Once viewed as a potential frontrunner the Meme are now paying the price for trying to ride the Jay Cutler train as it looks to be derailed.

9. The Fighting 5.7's - Maybe I misread something but it looked like the 5.7's were headed for a win going into Monday night? Whatever happened, I'm grateful.  Hey Grad...are you ready to give up on this football season too?

10.  I Want Kande - Can't fault a guy for losing to such a talented team and great owner like the Gillgino's.  Kande drops back a spot but still sits at .500. Plenty of upside here though and not far behind the Stuckey's.

11.  Antonio Cromartie is My Dad Too - Tough loss and back to the middle of the pack.  What's funny about this division is the team that scores the least is in first and the team that scores the most is in last.  KC sits in the middle. I'd say this one is still wide open.

12. NY Chiefs - A win for the chiefs and a steady pace at 2-2.  They still have an uphill climb but appear to have more momentum than second place Trending Meme.  An important game this week against the 0-4 Power Converters in what might amount to an early must win for both.

13.  The Beltway Mudslingers - Huge win for the Mudslingers, there was just no room to start 0-4 in such a tough, rivalry infused division.  Huge opportunity to gain some confidence next week if they can handle business against the Stuckey's.

14.  Hodja Camels -So close to moving to 2-2 but instead the Hodja are now the best of the losers at 1-3.  This week you get me Hodja...grab a win and you're back in the hunt.  A loss...well...

15.  Miz-Who? - Off the schneid with a win and a healthy jump up the power rankings. It's a step in the right direction, but it's a tough division right now and it's going to take consistency.  Sounds like some other team I know.

16.  RockemChalkem Robots - The good news?  You're in one of the worst divisions so at 1-3 you only sit a game back.  The bad news?  You're in the worst division because you are one of the worst teams.  It's all good though, it's only week 4.

17. You got Angused -See are a mirror image.

18.  Tosche Station Power Converters - Bensa hates me and my 18 team league even more this week as he's now officially the last team to win a game.  That is all.

Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - Supercharged Stuckey's vs. The 5.7's.  Two highly ranked teams squaring off in a barn burner.  Final point differential?  .75.  Ouch.

The Mangino Award(Coach that's ripping his player a new a-hole) - Hodja Camels.  The Camels just got nothing in a game that could have been a nice momentum boost.

The Best Coaching Performance(Previously known as the Mangino Award) - The 5.7's.  Despite the loss this was a flawlessly coached game.  What it boils down to is execution from that standpoint everything such as...thank you Ms. South Carolina

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - Miz-Who.  FACTOID: Best coaching performance loses, Worst coaching performance wins. Sometimes is better to be lucky than good.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week)- The Kansas Farm Boys.  Big win, big points, back in the tractor seat for these gents.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  Hodja Camels.  Round up the herd, if that's what a bunch of camels are called, and regroup.