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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.5.10

Tuesday of a long bye week. But this might be a case where the fans need a bye to forget just as much as the team needs a bye to regroup.  A variety of articles today, Kansas and otherwise. We've got coaches flipping the bird, Five Q's with Cole, the Mizzou program needs to go to rehab and more.

My personal favorite?  The clown from Fox Sports gets run over by a CU Ralphie runner know the one, that guy who I still won't forgive for his mocking of Kansas during the Tech game two years ago, 

Kansas Football

Ku-2KU football players fed up with roller coaster |
I'd be thrilled if this team were able to find two wins in a row anywhere on the schedule at this point.

Ku-2Soldiering ahead, Gill sees the big picture -
I want to believe it, I really do.

Ku-2Ex-Jayhawk Lueken joins Marine Corps |
An update on Ben Lueken. Interesting considering all the talk about how he could have helped with the o-line problems in the last day.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Five questions |
Rookie center Cole Aldrich

Ku-2Former Collegiate Stars Get Ready For The Next Level - SB Nation Kansas City
A rundown of the local KU, MU and KSU players in the NBA.

Ku-2Henry impresses Memphis teammates |
A couple NBA updates

Ku-2Marcus Morris named Wooden Award candidate |
Morris we've talked about, but there's a full list of visitors for late night included. Big list. Good list.

The Funny File

YouTube - Sideline Reporter Jim Knox gets LEVELED
I hate this guy more than Dave Lapmananahan

Titans' Chuck Cecil Fined $40,000 For Flipping The Bird -
File this under things you won't see from Turner Gill.

Apparently they just can't get enough booze in Columbia

Mizzou Football Player Cited For Drinking Open Beer While Driving - SB Nation Kansas City
Seems the Tigers have a drinking problem. Speaking of, do our recent football woes mean the "Win or Lose, We'll Still Booze" T's are back in style?