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Big 12 Power Rankings


Plenty of byes and a couple of surprises this week as the Big 12 begins the ramp up and into all out conference play.

One through eight stayed largely the same due to wins/losses and teams not playing.  The bottom four saw a shuffle and one team in particular might now find themselves owning and not renting the bottom spot.


1. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 28-20 over Texas

Week Six: Bye

Previous Ranking #1

It doesn't matter what you want to believe about Texas, they are still a good team and Oklahoma handled the challenge in one of the tougher neutral site games in the country.  Big win for the Sooners, solidifies there position in the top spot at this point.


2. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: 38-35 win over Texas A&M

Week Six: Louisiana Lafeyette

Previous Ranking #2

I still like this team. Yes Oklahoma State slowed down a little on the offensive side of the ball, but they came back and beat a solid conference opponent on the national stage.  I'd say if Nebraska or Missouri or anyone else in the top 5 had played this week and looked impressive in doing so they could have potentially jumped the Cowboys, but for today they are still what probably amounts to my most surprising pick.


3. Nebraska

How They Fared: Bye

Week Six: Kansas State

Previous Ranking #3

No change for the Huskers.  Should be an interesting game on Thursday night as K-State and Nebraska square off one final time.


4. Missouri

How They Fared: Bye

Week Six: Colorado

Previous Ranking #4

Mizzou enters conference play and a game that looks a little more difficult now in Colorado.  No change this week as most teams in the conversation for the #4 spot or above were in a bye this week.


5.  Kansas State

How They Fared: Bye

Week Six: Nebraska

Previous Ranking #5

A chance to truly legitimize the program this year and move into the top 25 as they get ready to play the top 10 Huskers from the land of Corn.


6. Texas

How They Fared: 28-20 loss to Oklahoma

Week Six: Nebraska

Previous Ranking #6

Is it possible that the Longhorns could lose three straight?  They looked better but still too many mistakes and not enough to get a win over OU.  The rebuild is definitely on in Austin.  Although my guess would be that this is a short rebuild.


7. Texas A&M

How They Fared: 38-35 Loss to Oklahoma State

Week Six: Arkansas(Cowboy Stadium)

Previous Ranking #7

Get back on the horse!  A&M drops a tough one due to some untimely turnovers in Stillwater but get's a shot at redemption right away with a neutral site contest against SEC contender Arkansas.  A&M definitely looks to be a team on the rise, they've got some talent and it's coming along.  Still a lot of youth and maybe it's just not ready for the next step. Big chance to change that belief against the Razorbacks.


8. Baylor

How They Fared: 55-7 over Kansas

Week Five: Texas Tech(Cotton Bowl)

Previous Ranking #8

Very close to creeping up and over the Aggies, but they did only put the beat down on Kansas.  A&M on the other hand went on the road against a good team and almost won.  I need to see it again from Baylor, but they certainly raised an eyebrow with such a huge offensive performance.


9.  Iowa State

How They Fared: 52-38 win over Texas Tech

Week Six: Utah

Previous Ranking #11

Iowa State with a solid win against a South opponent. Again Tech is looking more and more like a bad team, but this is still a very good win for the Cyclones who face an absolutely brutal schedule this year.  3-2, just have to find three more and the Clones will go bowling again.  Certainly KU looks winnable, CU should be a good opportunity and then they just need to steal one at home.


10. Colorado

How They Fared: 29-27 win over Georgia

Week Five: Mizzou

Previous Ranking #12

So maybe Georgia is down, but it's still a name program from the SEC and that's a good win for the Buffs.  Mizzou looms large this week and a chance to really get the Dan Hawkins bandwagon heading full steam ahead.  3-1, when is his job safe and what is Colorado truly capable of.  They had some good things happen Saturday, that's for sure.


11.  Texas Tech

How They Fared: 52-38 loss to Iowa State

Week Five: Baylor(Cotton Bowl)

Previous Ranking #10

Tech now sits 2-2 and already 0-2 in the conference.  Perhaps there is something to the whole "culture change", "new staff adjustment period" argument that keeps coming up with Kansas.  Tech hasn't looked real good and a loss on the road to Iowa State wasn't expected.  No it wasn't shocking, but it certainly wasn't expected.  Next week Baylor and Tech square off to determine the early front runner for cellar dweller in the South.


12.  Kansas

How They Fared: 55-7 Loss to Baylor

Week Six: Bye

Previous Ranking #9

I tried my best to move this team up the list and believe but at this point 12 is where they are and 12 is where they'll stay until they can do it for more than one week in a row.  Sure the Jayhawks might squeak out a win at home somewhere, but until they compete consistently and win more than one in a row I'm not jumping back on the believe bandwagon.  At this point I want progress and signs of improvement to make me think there is hope for the future.