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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.4.10

We skipped the links on Sunday and I honestly stayed completely away from reading about this one until Sunday night.  The way I see it, there just wasn't much point, we had it handed to us and there wasn't a positive thing about it. 

Today, we kick off a bye week.  We've got a little bit of an altered schedule to our normal lineup as a result. Some things will stay the same, others might come a little later and we'll also have a few of those day to day posts outside of the normal lineup. 

And last but not least, basketball tipping off VERY soon.  Non-con previews plus we'll give you a little insight into some of the statistical aspects we'll be analyzing about the team throughout the coming season.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Em-Bear-rassing: Jayhawks routed, taunted in Waco |
Skipped most of these yesterday, but if anyone hasn't read and wants to relive...we've got a few links including this one from Sunday.

Ku-2Un-Bear-able! Baylor routs KU |
Another dreaded recap.

Ku-2Baylor humiliates Kansas 55-7 -
Sure glad we were the only local team in action this week. Nothing like keeping the focus on us!

Ku-2Gill disappointed, not stunned at 2-3 |
Gosh I hope he's right. I hope 3 years from now we can all say that 2010 was part of the process.

Ku-2Baylor's short passing game catches Jayhawks by surprise |
Well I hope we're ready going forward because OSU and Mizzou are certainly going to use these tactics early and often. I'm guessing we won't be surprised, but we'll probably struggle just as much.

Ku-2KU grade card: F's for all? Close |

Ku-2KU flummoxed by pass |
Again, we're surprised by this offense?

Ku-2Programs headed in opposite directions |
"When I went out there, they were bigger than what I thought," Kansas linebacker Steven Johnson said. "All of them were big. And I was just like, ‘What in the world are they eating?’ Like, ‘Dang, how are they that big?’" Cupboard bare?

Ku-2For Gill, or any Kansas coach, it's a struggle | College Sports | Sports News and Videos on t...
Gill's hometown paper says Kansas is a tougher gig than Buffalo but Gill will get time.

Ku-2KU football players fed up with roller coaster |
I'd be thrilled if this team were able to find two wins in a row anywhere on the schedule at this point.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Prep F Hopkins tickled with trip to KU |
This is one of the guys we need to get for this year. It's looking like 2011 might not be a GREAT year recruiting wise for the bball team but we need to land a Hopkins and one other guard most likely. Ben Mclemore of course would be huge.