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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.29.10

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The Gridiron - Week 7 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

It feels stale out there. We need something good, anything positive in Kansas athletics.  Yes basketball is around the corner, but I feel like I need an energizer.  A new AD, news on Josh Selby, or a reset button for football. Life has ups and downs.  Clearly sports do as well.  I don't think we're out of the woods by a long shot, but I feel like we've got to have some good news soon.

Today we've got keys to the game, Warden talks BASKETBALL with a little Big 12 preview using his +/- which will take us into next weeks previews for the basketball season. 

Oh and some good news.  The new season of Friday Night Lights got under way last night on DirecTV and guess what? Eric Taylor was 2-8 in his first season with the Lions, things are looking up in season two.  Anything for optimism right?

Kansas Football

Ku-2Hawks 'gotta keep sawing wood' |
YES!! Rivet it's back. We're sawin wood again. Thank you Chris Harris. Anyone think this might be a comment with a purpose?

Ku-2Column: Football key in AD search |
Couldn't agree more.

Ku-2Kansas football notebook: Oguntodu expected move to LB |


Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Allen Fieldhouse sold out for 2010-11 season |
What? You thought Bill Self was full of it when he said it would be sold out?

Ku-2KU ranked No. 7 in AP preseason poll |
I can handle #7. Seems fair.

Ku-2Self: Kansas ‘fast’ |
“Turner is a great, great man,” Self said. “He will do a good job here. He’s been dealt a tough hand. I’m impressed with him because during the toughest of times he has been a stand-up man and a man of integrity.

Big 12

Big 12 North could be decided on Saturday: Missouri or Nebraska? | Conference chatter |
Big game Saturday. Missouri v The Corn in Lincoln

Missouri won't press charges against fans who rushed field against Oklahoma - ESPN
Good move. That was a huge win for the Tigers.