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Kansas Keys To The Game Against Iowa State

What week is it?  Wow this is turning into a long season. At this point I'm ready to get to the offseason, hit reset and hear about this team getting after it in a big way.  At this point that's just reality.  I'm cringing at the thought of a trip to Lincoln and the Border War, there just doesn't seem to be much hope.

But wait? The Cyclones you say? Eh, not so fast.  Yes Iowa State and Colorado remain on the schedule and both represent the best chance at a win for Kansas but the Cyclones might just have something that Kansas doesn't. 

Either way, there are a few things that Kansas can do to help the cause.  Some are gameplan and scheme and others are just pure intangible qualities that haven't been found. 

Our Kansas vs. Iowa State keys to the game:

Stop The Run

This one sets up a little like Kansas State unfortunately.  Iowa State is a solid running team that really struggles to win when they have to throw.  We all saw how that theory worked against the Wildcats.  Carson Coffman looked like a Heisman candidate and Kansas State went for 59 in Lawrence.

I guess the good news is that I'd say Arnaud might be less accurate and capable throwing the ball than Coffman, the bad news is he probably hurts you running the ball more.

Iowa State is big up front and does well running the ball.  Kansas has to find a way to stop them. It's pretty clear the Jayhawk defensive line is being coached to tie up the offensive line and forget about getting pressure, so if that's the case this is the week where it can work.  Tie em up and let the linebackers and safeties work.  More importantly thought, those linebackers and safeties need to be up in the face of the Cyclones at the line of scrimmage not 10 yards down field.

Stop the run and force the Cyclones to throw. Easier said than done and even then it might not work.


Believe in the MIGHTY Quin

At this point Kansas is 2-5 with a 3rd string quarterback at the helm and nothing to lose.  They aren't on TV so no one will see the carnage if it does ensue and at this point no one thinks they can win anyway.  Open it up!!

Quin Mecham has played two years of junior college in a spread offense and he was pretty good at that.  Talent wise Kansas isn't all that far off from Iowa State and we keep hearing that the o-line can't make the adjustment to run blocking.

Fine, let's go crazy with Mecham.  Let him sit back there and make the throw. Lets throw to set up the run and make if it doesn't work then at least we go out fighting.


Take a cue from your opponent

Iowa State has played their butts off for Paul Rhoads on multiple occasions.  Something that Coach Rhoads does resonates with the team and he get's the most out of what he has.  This ship may have set sail already but Kansas should take a cue from the Cyclones in this regard.

It probably doesn't happen overnight, but if Kansas can learn a little about that whole dog in the fight v fight in the dog argument, Ames is the place to learn it. They may not win all the time and sometimes it might get lucky, but they also punch a few people in the mouth in the process.


Find a way to win the turnover battle

Iowa State is pretty good in this area, Kansas is bad.  If it stays that way we've got another long Saturday on our hands.  Coach Gill stressed this as an area they would be pushing on the team in the offseason but it obviously hasn't come to fruition.

Sometimes you create your own luck and sometimes your just lucky. I'm not pretending that the team is suddenly going to "get it" and force turnovers, but I guess at this point I'd rather be lucky because we aren't good.