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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.28.10

Matchup preview and a Q&A with the Clone Chronicles on the way today.  Interesting news on Selby yesterday, I'm curious if such a delayed start for Selby could end up being a very bad thing.  Last year with Xavier Henry we talked about how maybe the chemistry that seemed to be building the year prior was disrupted.  This is a different situation, but does inserting a stud recruit mid year potentially create a team that can't find itself? 

Being on the same page is huge for a March run and having Selby for the entire season would be huge in my opinion for building that cohesiveness.  It's not that Kansas can't be good without him, it's just that whenever he does jump in it changes rotations, style of play and everything about a game.  I'd rather that change be worked out from day one and not starting in January.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Lucky number: KU safety Lubbock Smith trades in No. 13 for No. 1 — a nod to his past |
Lubbock Smith

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Self, Pastner discuss eligibility and current NCAA rule landscape | College Hoops Journal
As suspected this seems to be turning into the norm.

Ku-2Self elated with his 'fast' Jayhawks - Beyond the Arc - NBC Sports
Play fast?

AD Speculation

Ku-2Shhh! You didn’t hear it from me, but … |
Some AD speculation from Keegan.

Big 12/College Football

University of Texas: ESPN joins Fox in bid for Longhorn Network -
Does this feel like a war that we are losing? I'm starting to feel like the college football equivalent of a 3rd world country. One where our previous dictator managed to mess everything up on the way out. It's a North Korea caliber snow job.

NCAA: Football grad rates jump to 69 percent - ESPN
Student athletes? or lowered standards? Either way look who shows up in the top. Another example of Mizzou doing things well. A few years ago Kansas had a lot of momentum in athletics etc, the pendulum has swung. And the only thing worse than that is apathy. The new AD needs to come in, get angry and fix it.