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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.27.10

Allright...big time apology for the lack of substance this week so far.  I'm back in the "office" so to speak after a little bit of a real world work interruption in New Orleans.  There actually seems to be plenty to talk about.  Coach Gill addressed the fans in his press conference yesterday, recap coming this morning. 

The recruiting wins from the past weekend come in the form of three local recruits. Where do they fit in the scheme and are they upgrades and better fits for the Turner Gill system?  and on the basketball front, what to make of the Brandon Rush news?

Kansas Football

Ku-2Gill addresses fans, Torbush defends Gill |
It's official, they can't ignore the problems anymore and it's time to hunker down inside the program.

Ku-2Ideal defensive end described |
A little talk about Opurum to end. I'm really curious what he thinks of all this shuffling.

Ku-2Quarterback carousel: Juco transfer Mecham gets nod with Webb, Pick injured |
The revolution will not be televised. Every team I ever remember at Kansas that struggled in a big way, did so because we've lacked quarterback consistency. Welcome to 2010.

Ku-2Matt Tait’s KU football notebook |
Chris Harris' quote is a shame. So much work put in to overcome it and we took a gigantic leap back. "It’s a basketball school, so we expect the fans to leave if we’re not doing well."

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Rush confesses to injuring knee in secret predraft workout -
Hmm...just give me some good news anywhere. Maybe this 2-10 season that we're about to have and the last year with Lew is like purging ourselves of all the bad, then we can start fresh. A cleanse if you will.

Ku-2The Sideline Report with Tyrel Reed | The Newell Post |
Looks like a new feature from Jesse Newell.

General Sports

Daily Dime - ESPN
The Heat lost the opener. Good for them.