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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.22.10

Shortened version today because I didn't get my normal internet surfing time in yesterday.  More on Bill Self from Kansas media days and our keys to the game against Texas A&M today...not that you couldn't probably guess them if you had to.

Kansas Football

Ku-2KU still hopes to 'get a win' |
Yes that would be good.

Ku-2KU running back Deshaun Sands arrested, then released for not appearing in traffic court |
Really? A mugshot? 2010 Kansas football, the gift that keeps on giving.  Pretty minor stuff in all seriousness.

Ku-2KU quarterback feeling the strain -
This doesn't really lead to much optimism.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Kansas, KSU share spotlight with TTech |
Some tidbits from media day.

Ku-2It’s just another year in which Kansas expects to win the Big 12 -
More on expectations.

Could have been Kansas basketball

Dallas prep LeBryan Nash chooses Oklahoma State |
It was expected so oh well. I guess I've always liked Okie Light basketball and enjoy it when those games are top notch so this will help.

Elsewhere in sports

Pac-12 divisions split Calif. schools, keep rivals - ESPN
This seemed noteworthy.