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A Few Position Switches of Note

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Last night Jon Kirby with Jayhawkslant reported a few notable position changes as the staff continues to evaluate positions and look for answers.  I've seen this posted a few other places since and I thought it certainly warranted a posting due to the players making the switch.  The three noted changes were:

Now obviously we're not talking Josh Richardson to defensive end here.  These are three guys that have seen major minutes, two of which are starters.  Personally I think they're all solid moves.  Toben played in a rush end/outside linebacker type role last week and I thought the potential looked good.

Oguntodu to linebacker has been on the tongues of fans for a couple years now and he provides speed against the spread.  He's a tweener that didn't quite fit at safety but a great move in putting him at outside linebacker.

The last one is Chris Harris and this is his more natural position.  Again, I think it's a great move.  I'm not sure who takes the second corner spot at this stage but I did notice plenty of Anthony Davis a week ago so maybe they saw something and want to get the best 11 players on the field. 

Is it the answer? I'm not sure if we'll find that this year, but it's good to see some moves and coaching decisions that make sense in a lot of ways.