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Waco Whupping

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Kansas began Big 12 play with a thud that rivaled that of the disaster in the home opener against North Dakota State.  There truthfully wasn't much in the way of positive play for Kansas on Saturday and Turner Gill and the Jayhawk staff have their work cut out for them.

Believe, work hard, stay positive and talk execution all you want, those things just aren't happening for the Jayhawks. There are a few players on the field every Saturday who seem to have the fight and the talent to compete in the Big 12, but there don't seem to be enough. 

Baylor set multiple records on the offensive side of the ball and Robert Griffin III looked like a world beater against an overmatched Kansas defense.

On the offensive side of the ball any positive momentum was quickly destroyed by poor execution, turnovers and/or penalties.  The one positive might have been the Jayhawk special teams play, but that isn't significant when you can't move the ball and can't stop the opponent from doing so. 

This team was a two touchdown dog entering the game. It's tough because as a fan you go into every game thinking and hoping for the best.  You also prepare for the worst and you can understand a loss if you feel like you've been able to compete and at least looked like you belong. But to watch a game where you looked outclassed and out of place in an early and manageable conference environment is frustrating to say the least.

At this point the best I can do is turn on some good football, let this one settle, believe that it's never as bad as it seems and hope that the Jayhawks can come out and avoid an embarrassment after a bye week when K-State comes to town.

We're a far cry from the Orange Bowl at this point. Why and how is debatable, but it's a reality that we're going to be dealing with for 2010 at the least.  I'll still be here cheering for and supporting this team. I'll be here good or bad, but it's definitely discouraging to see Kansas spiral backwards by what feels like a decade so quickly.