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Kansas vs. Baylor Open Game Thread

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One hour from now the Jayhawks kick off conference play in Waco and what amounts to a chance for a surprise. Most aren't giving Kansas too much of a shot in this one, the Jayhawks haven't played consistently and Baylor has an offensive weapon that would seem to be well prepared to exploit the Jayhawks. But what if?

Kansas has been on the road and while the result wasn't a win, the team did respond in the second half and showed signs of being able to compete against a high powered spread attack. Since the offensive nightmare of game one, Jordan Webb has managed the Kansas offense fairly effectively and even more importantly he's taken care of the football. What if it all goes a step further?

Most of the time the football team you see at the end of the year doesn't closely resemble the team from the beginning of the year. Ideally that comes through improvement. Regardless of your feelings on how quickly or how much Kansas has improved, it's hard not to see progression. Baylor in Waco is a chance to enjoy the ride win or lose and learn a little more about this team, these players and the staff. Game 5, kickoff in an hour.