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Rock Chalk Talk Week 8 Blogpoll Ballot

I made some pretty big shifts this week by basically taking a fresh look at things. I've attempted to do that every week but it doesn't always work.  Either way, I do think Oklahoma deserves the nod at #1 right now, they tested themselves in the non-conference and while Texas is down, they handled business in the Red River Shootout. 

I was most disappointed having to remove Nevada and Air Force due to losses, but Boise State, TCU and Utah all continue to give hope for the BCS buster within the top 10. 

Tigers and Badgers were the biggest movers for me in the positive direction. Mizzou's defense is starting to play some pretty solid football and they expect to get Aldon Smith back in the next week or two.  If they can manage to get him on the field at 100% for Oklahoma Saturday, that would certainly boost their chances.