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Kansas Jayhawk Gameday Links 10.14.10

Gameday.  Plenty of reading from yesterday afternoon and again this morning.  I have to say, it sure feels like this game has slid a bit under the radar so far.  Today the guys from BOTC kick things off with a roundtable Q&A with me, then we'll move on to the keys for the game and an extra early open thread for your later afternoon enjoyment.

I'll be glad to get this team back on the field.  Big opportunity for the Jayhawks tonight if they can find a way to rise to the challenge.

Kansas v Kansas State

Ku-2Thursday's Sunflower Showdown a big game for Big Blue | Tale of the Tait |
Matt Tait on Thursday's game.

Ku-2Gill still learning Sunflower saga |
Learn fast.

Ku-2Springer, KU prefer playing running teams |
This is shocking!!

Ku-2Column: KU needs Ferraris |
And Bentley's please.

Ku-2Column: More at stake for KSU |

Ku-2KU notes: Hawks ready for Thomas |
It's one thing to say you're's another to be ready.

Ku-2KU-K-State: Who has the edge? |
Matchups by Austin Meek.

College Basketball

As Season Nears, Questions About Kentucky Recruit Enes Kanter -
100k salary = not amateur

2010-11 Men's College Basketball: Dick Vitale Preseason Top 40 - ESPN
Really Dickie V? #25. Come on your know better than that.