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Kansas vs. Kansas State Matchup Breakdown

Why Kansas?




 Why K-State? 

Well, I learned something new this week.  Kansas doesn't have the worst offense in the league, unfortunately it hasn't been very consistent. With Kansas it feels like they can do some good things when the game is close, where the offense gets completely shutdown is in coming from behind. It's about balance, keeping the running game going and the passing game simple.


Not sure Either group deserves an edge here.  I'm going to give the Kansas offense a slight nod...slight.

Kansas Offense


K-State Defense

K-State looked a little off against the Cornhuskers, team speed seemed a concern.  However the fact is Nebraska will do that to people. K-State relies on a ball control offense to manage the clock and help the defense.  The group is good but not great, sometimes takes a few bad angles and definitely lacks the big time athletes. But they are still well coached and against a team like Kansas the matchup is much easier.

Kansas and Carl Torbush have dialed up solid gameplans in containing powerful running games before.  K-State presents another BIG challenge in that regard with a good offensive line and a solid running back.  On paper Kansas would look to be a team capable of limiting Daniel Thomas with the right scheme and from that point it's just a matter of avoiding big plays in the passing game as a result of the focus on the run.


Kansas Defense


K-State Offense


This is a little tricky.  The strengths of both teams will be going head to head here and while Kansas did manage to "contain" Georgia Tech it's tough to give a full on nod to the Jayhawks because of how effective K-State has been running the ball.  Edge K-State, but there is a little Jayhawk lurking off to the left.

K-State has a solid running attack that should set up the pass as needed.  Kansas State will likely come out prepared to do what they do well and that is run it with Daniel Thomas.  If they manage to do that successfully Kansas will be in for a fight. Sprinkle in a little play action and a few well timed passing plays and Bill Snyder will have exactly the type of game he wants.

Kansas has improved in some areas and actually boasts a pretty solid return game.  Against Baylor the Jayhawks did very well overall in the battle for field position, they just couldn't keep the Bears from long sustained drives.  All in all it's improving, but it might not be enough just yet.




Special Teams



 At this point Kansas State has been the most consistent of the two in this area and it's been a strength for Snyder over the years.

Last year Bill Snyder showed me a lot. The old man can coach a team up plain and simple.  One way he does that is with solid special teams. K-State is pretty good in this area.  They cover well, they return well and they don't make a ton of mistakes. All those are good things.

BELIEVE in the process....right?  This week will actually be an interesting one for further insight into this staff.  A bye week to prepare for a rival, how does this team look?  For now though, all we know is what we know and that's the inconsistency's to date.




Easy call

Bill Snyder.  What more do you need to say, the guy made K-State legit for around a decade and he's working toward doing it again. Plain and simple, he get's it done. Pretty sure they refer to him as the Legendary Bill Snyder in Manhattan.

An interesting matchup to say the least.  K-State is more than likely going to wrap up the year with a more successful season as they've got a few more pieces in place offensively and they appear to be a better coached, more crisp team on a weekly basis.

What makes it interesting is that the matchup is favorable for the Jayhawks to compete. The areas where Kansas has struggled most throughout the year, aren't areas that K-State necessarily makes you pay.  Athletically K-State has some good ones, but again not necessarily the caliber that some of the other Kansas opponents have.

Ultimately what makes K-State tough is the fact that Bill Snyder does a great job of coaching kids up, they play hard, they don't hurt themselves and he draws up a good gameplan.  Kansas has struggled in all four of those phases at varying levels this year.  That said, it's a big game coming off a bye week on a Thursday night in front of a national audience.  If Kansas can't put a few of these pieces together given the circumstances, they don't deserve a win. 

If they can, well again...the matchup is a favorable one.