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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 5

Week five and the last of the unbeatens goes down. 

The good news?  We still have a shot at having a "DEFEATED" team as Bensa can't find a win to save his life.  It's as if the football universe has been cursed surrounding Bensa.  Let's hope that doesn't trickle into basketball season.

Power Rankings

1. Denver's Fighting Gillgino's - I'm like a freight train running out of control across Kansas destroying anything and everything in my tracks. Remember the ORTON!!!  Every day that I drive home and hear on the radio how horrible the Denver running game is, I smile because it means Kyle Orton continues to sling the ball 50 times a game. 

2Bourbon and Water - Sorry Bourbon, I just score more points.  And now that you are no longer undefeated, you get judged for your flaws like the rest of us.  Good luck in your continued success, but perhaps I can show you how to handle the Despicables when I play them next week.

3.  Perpetual Dolemite - Moving up with a victory and a 4-1 record, pull up a chair you've got a place at the table among the elite in the league.  I'd say things are looking good early as you now hold a two game lead over your next biggest competition in the division.

4.  Supercharged Stuckey's - A tough loss to a team on a role, back to the pack for you and a slim margin for error as I Want Kande is lurking closely behind in the shadows.

5.  Kansas Farm Boys - Still on the outside looking in, but Bourbon was proven to be human with the first loss of the season.  The door is cracked, now you've just got to catch a few breaks and let that high scoring attack do the work.

6.  I Want Kande - Huge rebound after a tough loss the week prior.  Combine that with a loss by the Stuckey's and Kande is just hanging on the fringe waiting for a chance to get back into division play.

7.  Trending Meme - Nice rally.  The back and forth Chicago Bears continue to pose some potential problems down the line, but for today you're in the playoffs.  That and I just learned what your team name meant the other day.  Apparently I'm not very internet savvy.

8. The Despicables -Still in the playoffs by a nose and a HUGE win knocking off the only remaining undefeated team in the league this week.  Get ready, for the second week in a row the Despicables will get to face the top ranked power poll opponent with a chance to catapult up the rankings with a win.  These are workmanlike victories, but wins nonetheless.

9. NY Chiefs - A three way battle for the ages.  After five weeks this division is deadlocked at 3-2 and 1-1 records across the board within the division.  For the moment the Chiefs are in the middle based on point totals.  I've got high hopes for the playoff race in this one.  Probably some karma coming back at the Chiefs after gaining a playoff spot by forfeiture a year ago.

10.  Dolphin Safe Whalers - Look above you.  The Chiefs and the Meme score more points so for today you are in the back of the pack.  Every week is HUGE for this division right now.

11. The Fighting 5.7's - Oh Grad a losing record awaits.  2-3 and now two games back of the dominant Gillgino's.  Not sure the 5.7's have it in em.  Perhaps you should have recruited more 5.8's and then you wouldn't be left to question your teams talent.

12.  The Beltway Mudslingers - Don't look now, but you're a mere win away from putting the 5.7's in the cellar.  Interesting storyline developing here as a year ago the Mudslingers led early and fell apart late.  Could we be witnessing a team that gains momentum throughout the season this year?

13.  RockemChalkem Robots -Still just a game out of a potential playoff spot.  The Despicables kept pace this week however with a big win over Bourbon making the Robots second win of the season a little less impactful.  Still a wide open division with questionable top to bottom talent.  Anybody's game.

14.  Miz-Who? - Another week another notch on the power ranking.  Up to #14 after a long start at the bottom.  Miz-Who is on a two game streak while the rest of the division took a step back in week five.

15.  Antonio Cromartie is My Dad Too - One of the most prolific fantasy managers in RCT history seems to be battling a case of the "I forgots".  In a move never before seen out of the KC school of coaching, a week where the lineup was neglected?  Is there time to recover?

16.  Hodja Camels - A week ago things were looking up as it was a good week for the team despite the loss and being 1-3.  Now at 1-4, there just isn't much room for moral victories anymore.  But's still just a 2 game deficit in the division that's led at 3-2.

17. You got Angused - Four losses in a row...I just can't think of anything worse than this.

18.  Tosche Station Power Converters - Oh wait...yes I can.  Five losses in a row...I just can't think of anything worse than this.  Unless of course I was a fan of the Vikings the Jayhawks and sitting an 0-5 in my fantasy league.  That would be a pretty bad year for someone if they were to be all three of those.  I'd say I would most likely move on to basketball season if this were me.


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week -  Chiefs vs. The Powerconverters.  Two friends in a matchup that sent one into playoff contention and the other to an 0-5 start.  Making matters worse, the difference in this one was just .9.

The Mangino Award(Coach that's ripping his player a new a-hole) - Dolphin Safe Whalers.  Just nobody showed up...nobody at all.  It might as well have been a universal bye week for this roster.

The Best Coaching Performance(Previously known as the Mangino Award) - The Fighting Gillgino's and The Despicables both at 99% coaching ratings.  And guess who plays this week?

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - Antonio Cromartie is My Dad Too - FACT: 48% is unacceptable.  This award might be named the Andy Edwards after this week.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week)- The Rock em Chalk em Robots - Big points mean big wins.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  Dolphin Safe Whalers - somehow, found a way to score less than KC this week and he didn't even field a team.