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Rock Chalk Talk Week 7 Blogpoll Ballot

With the Alabama loss I'm now back on the Bronco bandwagon!!!  Interesting news on the BCS projections this week and I'm taking Boise State on a neutral field against anyone right now.

Ok maybe that's a bit much, but I'm not convinced that anyone is head and shoulders above the rest at this point. Honestly I thought Alabama was and they probably still are but hey, they lost and I don't like Nick Saban so I'm going to move them down because I can!  It feels a lot like 2007 out there and we all know how cloudy things got late in that season.

On another note, wouldn't Nebraska vs. TCU be a hell of a game? I mean speed vs. speed when Nebraska has the ball and strength vs. strength when TCU has the ball.  That's be a fun game to see.