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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.11.10

That's right, the Wildcats are coming to town for the Sunflower Showdown Thurs. We're back at it, it's rivalry week and a it's a short week at that.  The other good news? we get the pleasure of kicking off the basketball season this Friday with Late Night, it's all systems go in Lawrence.

K-State opens as a 4.5 point favorite, I guessed it would start at six but either way our team is going to need to be prepared to stop one Daniel Thomas and it's going to take a great effort to do so.

Here's hoping that in addition to spending the last week on the road recruiting, the staff made sure to get a solid gameplan in motion with the extra time. Big opportunity on Thursday for Coach Gill.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Edge: KU football over K-State |
Backhanded positivity out of Keegan?

Ku-2Terry, Steward to return to KU football team? |
Some added help on the way?

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Answer man: In Q&A session, Self adds to expectations |
Self and players sit down for a Q&A w/students.

Kansas Volleyball

Ku-2KU volleyball stuns No. 10 Iowa St. |
Hey somebody's overachieving!!

KC NBA Experiment

Ku-2Serious starpower: Chalmers relishes chance to play with Miami’s Big 3 |
Not sure if anyone went to this or not.