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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 10.1.10

October is upon us.  Anyone catch the Okie Light v A&M game last night? You could make a Big 12 contender with a team full of the players that Mark Mangino and Kansas missed on in recent years. Not a knock on the big man, just saying we were close...just couldn't sell the dream quite as well as Mike Sherman and a 40 year old man.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Breakdown: KU uses deception in successful sprint draw plays | The Newell Post |
One of the more successful running plays for the Jayhawks.

Ku-2Jayhawks beginning anew |
A Few more Tidbits from Tully.

Ku-2Springer is KU's working man |
Springer has looked good this season. A step quicker, solid instincts and some big hits. It's good to see a guy get back to normal.

Ku-2Griffin has KU's attention |
Attention is good, but can they stop him?