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BCS National Title Open Game Thread

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The last three national champions all come from the SEC in Florida '06, LSU '07 and Florida '08.  If Alabama wins tonight that will make for four straight SEC national titles.  Four straight SEC titles isn't good for the Big 12.

If Texas loses tonight, that will make two consecutive seasons that the Big 12 has lost to an SEC opponent.  The prevailing wisdom in the country is that the Big 12 doesn't bother with defense and should the Longhorns stumble that will likely solidify that brand.  A Texas loss isn't good for the Big 12.

The minor blow to this perception isn't the biggest problem with an Alabama win. The biggest problem is the rich keep getting richer and right now the Big 12 as a conference isn't among the rich. 

Clearly Texas is part of the rich and if you check that further, they are one of the richest.  However at the moment the SEC and Big 10 put the Big 12 to shame in terms of media perception and/or television revenue. 

A Big 12 win brings credibility to the conference regardless of who's winning it.  A Big 12 win put the conference in a stronger position for the future in a multitude of aspects.  if the best athletes in the country see the Big 12 winning titles and the talking heads have to discuss the Big 12 winning titles, all of the Big 12 wins.

Obviously we all have our reasons for rooting in a specific camp and to each his own.  Tonight however, the SEC takes on the Big 12.  So for tonight I suppose I'll be rooting for the Longhorns, because that's what's best for my Jayhawks.