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Knock, Knock, Knock...Housekeeping

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Good morning RCT.  A little basketball action awaits today and a preview will be up shortly.  Before we get to that though I wanted to point out a couple of quick items of note. 

First, as I mentioned yesterday we will be profiling the new assistant coaching staff for the Jayhawk football team in the days to come.  However, for those that either weren't here or didn't catch the first three "Get to Know" segments, here's a little reading on Chuck Long, Carl Torbush and Aaron Stamn all announced immediately following the Turner Gill hirging.

Get to Know the Coaching Staff: Chuck Long

Get to Know the Coaching Staff: Carl Torbush

Get to Know the Coaching Staff: Aaron Stamn

The second thing I wanted to point out is a little bit of a new look to the front page.  For those that don't often scroll down the page, you'll notice near the bottom on the right and left hand sides we now have a "Gridiron" and "Hardwood" recruit tracking feature that we will be using to follow commitments, signed players and players of interest going forward.  Hopefully this adds a little something for those who have an interest in following this area.

Lastly in terms of content over the coming weeks we'll definitely be shifting the focus much more to basketball but I will without a doubt continue to track and follow the football team and recruiting.  I do intend to once again put together the "Signing Day Extravaganza" breaking down and interviewing players on signing day.  I also have some stuff in the works for the local talent as we look ahead to 2011 very soon. 

As always, feel free to chime in.  RCT is all the better for it when other fans get involved.  Besides, I'm sure you all get tired of me beating the Kansas football drum nonstop.