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Kansas vs. Kansas State Open Game Thread

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Stat of the Day: Since 1984 the Kansas Jayhawks have earned their way to 7 Final Four appearances. In that same time period, the Kansas State Wildcats have only beaten the Jayhawks 8 times TOTAL. Ouch.

Wait there's more. Obviously we all know that in those 7 Final Four appearances Kansas won 2 National Titles. That number is double the number of times Kansas State has beaten the Jayhawks in Manhattan since 1984(1). Ouch again.


Kansas Jayhawks
@ Kansas St. Wildcats

Saturday, Jan 30, 2010, 6:00 PM CST
Bramlage Coliseum

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Time to get things started. Kansas vs. Kansas State in Manhattan. Despite our subtle jabs this isn't the Manhattan of old and this isn't going to be easy in the least. Best case scenario Kansas comes out matches the Wildcats adrenaline fueled play early and then settles into a solid all around game. The talent is there, but the chemistry, intensity and focus haven't always been. The Jayhawks need all three to get a win tonight. Rock Chalk Jayhawk and enjoy the ride. Register here.