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Rock Chalk Talk1.30.10

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Kansas State - we <strong><em>ARE </em></strong>what you want to be.
Kansas State - we ARE what you want to be.

All of the Game Previews You Could Ever Ask For

KU knows it is in for a tough game at K-State -
From J. Brady

Sunflower Showdown preview -
Matchup breakdown from The Star

K-State has handled bigger front lines before -
Misleading title. From the sound of it, you would expect the writer to trash Cole and the Morri. Not so.

Aldrich still trails Wilt, Born /
A little statistical relevance regarding what Cole is doing defensively of late.

Morningstar holds no grudges /
Better off for Brady to lock down Clemente on the statsheet than to go out gunning for him.

KU-KSU won’t be pretty |

Rivalry reborn: K-State fans have returned to chicken-throwing roots |

’Cats perfect vs. Top 25 |

Other Basketball Links

Sticking around: Strong group of upperclassmen have bucked the one-and-done trend -
" Sherron Collins consulted family, friends and coaches before deciding between the NBA and one more season at Kansas. Cole Aldrich took a similar approach. Mostly, though, they talked to each other. I'm not going without you, or something along those lines, is what they said. This was always going to be a package deal. After a spring-long discussion, the decision was one more year. The NBA and its riches could wait. They wanted another national championship. Together. "Cole was the one calling, meeting with me and telling me he needed me to come back," Collins said. "He had a chance to make some money, too, but he wanted to come back. Altogether, it was a good deal." " Thank you, you two, for being so level-headed and also for coming back.

"Who deserves to take the last shot? North edition" |

"Who takes the last shot? Continued: South edition" |


OT Links

The Panel of Mild Discomfort: Group H - World Soccer Digest
Daily World Cup Primer link.

Roger Federer destoyed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to reach the Australian Open final. - ESPN
Daily Australian Open Link.  Since by the time the next RCT daily links post will go up, the finals will have been played, who ya got tonight? (2:30 AM CST) Murray represents for the Andy's of the world.

John Daly claims he will no longer play professional golf: 'I'm done' - ESPN
" In an interview with a Golf Channel producer following rounds of 79-71 that left him well off the cutline at the Farmers Insurance Open, John Daly maintained that he no longer will compete on the professional circuit. "

President Obama's administration looking into legality of BCS - ESPN