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Octagon of Doom?

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Well, it is supposed to be a hate filled rivalry.  I guess I'll take my jabs now, but please don't take this too seriously.  All due respect to the people of Kansas State, I think you have a good team, a good coach and maybe one day you will truly earn the claim of playing in "the OCTAGON of DOOOOOOOOMMM."   I'll be here to eat crow on Sunday if necessary, best of luck and glad to have a rival to the west again.


Are you looking for a way to identify yourself?  Something that makes you unique from others out there?  How about a nickname that points out a quality, skill or ability that only you can lay claim to?  If that's what you're after, don't approach Kansas State University for advice. 

Several seasons ago, with the hiring of Bob Huggins the Kansas State fanbase sought to take back their arena.  An arena that many view as just another arena.  They definitely brought back a bit of the atmosphere.  There's even that guy with floor seats on the far left if viewing on TV that barks at EVERY SINGLE CALL(seriously, look for this guy).  The students came back, people bought tickets and they've started to win a few games. 

Now apparently the only thing missing was a nickname.  Kansas State students and fans thought long and hard, what can we call our arena?  Surely we deserve a name after all the history we've witnessed in this building...our arena...our arena with a renewed sense of hope.  An arena that now imposes just a little bit of fear in it's opponents.  An arena that must have one of the best home court advantages in the Big 12.  I've got it!!!  The Octagon of DOOM!!!

What's that...what's that you say...there are others?  Others in the same conference with better home court records?  Others in the conference that play in an even more dooming octagon?  SHOCKING!!!  I don't know, I'd say the Phog has earned it's name.  When you're homecourt record is below such basketball powerhouses as Nebraska and Texas Tech, it might be good to wait just a little longer before declaring doom on the world.  Don't let technically right and unbiased facts get in the way.  I think for now, I'll just call it the Octagon.

  1. OU at Lloyd Noble 440-73 (.858)
  2. Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse 632-106 (.856)
  3. Texas at Erwin Center 376-91 (.805)
  4. Missouri in Paige Sports Arena 71-18 (.798) (It's rivalry week)
  5. OSU at Gallagher Iba Arena 686-193 (.780)
  6. Nebraska in Devaney Center 399-125 (.761)
  7. Tech at United Spirit 121-41 (.747)
  8. Iowa State in Hilton Coliseum 422-149 (.739)
  9. Kansas State in Bramlage 245-88 (.736) (Granted almost a quarter of the losses are to KANSAS)
  10. A&M at Reed Center 124-53 (.701)
  11. Colorado in Coors Event Center 301-148 (.670)
  12. Baylor in the Ferrell Center 195-128 (.604)