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Rock Chalk Talk 1.28.10

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Wildcats Will B-Easley Defeated.
Wildcats Will B-Easley Defeated.

Anything posted after 12:30 a.m. CST will not be included this morning, due to a rare sleep session.


Basketball Links

Daily download | KU players are better — some a lot better -
"I thought it would be fun to rank the Kansas players in order of how much each player has improved from last year."

Manning: Aldrich a true shot blocker |
Apparently, Danny is Captain Obvious, too. I kid, I kid. We all <3 Danny.

Aldrich back to having fun |

Column: KU the best 40 minutes in basketball? |
"Missouri advertises the fastest 40 minutes in basketball. On Monday, Kansas reset the Tigers' clock ... and cleaned it. Usain Bolt wouldn't dare run in Allen Fieldhouse. But that, and pressure, is Missouri's game. Wrong place, wrong time."

OT Links

The Cabal of Life Support:  Group G - World Soccer Digest
Daily World Cup Primer link.

Donovan scores his first Premier League goal - Americans Abroad - ESPN Soccernet
This is huge. So huge. Landon takes us as far as we go.

Serena Williams, Justine Henin to meet in Australian Open final - ESPN
Daily Australian Open link.  An American is still alive. Rare.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Villanova Wildcats - Recap - January 27, 2010 - ESPN
As I wondered aloud in last night's OGT, can Villanova sustain their high ranking and earn a no. 1 seed? They have a murderer's row schedule coming up.  Does anybody even read these things?  If you read this, post "Wayne Rooney is the man." in the comments section.  I'll buy you a drink at the RCT Summit in March. -gasp-  Did I just spill a top-secret secret?

Source: Kurt Warner of Arizona Cardinals to announce decision Friday? - ESPN
"Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner will announce Friday at a news conference whether he plans to retire or continue playing, according to a Cardinals source." Greedily, I'd like to see him keep playing. Matt Leinart will never be ready to be a starter in the NFL.