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Rock Chalk Talk 1.26.10

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Full-size was necessary for today. Back to cool, panoramic, banner photos tomorrow.
Full-size was necessary for today. Back to cool, panoramic, banner photos tomorrow.

Wasn't last night fun?  Hopefully this same feeling comes around again Sunday morning.  Let's enjoy last night's win for today, but tomorrow we start moving towards the big College Gameday showdown at Allen Fieldhouse West  Bramlage  The Octagon of Doom on Saturday.

All of the Game Recaps You Could Ever Ask For

KU vs. Missouri Photo Gallery |
Rather large gallery for this one.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with it being Missouri.

No. 2 Kansas too big for MU to handle -
Proper situation for "That's what she said"?

Kansas still reigns -
It's good to know that we now have Whitlock's blessing. The only thing this article is missing is a racial undertone or a ridiculous statement meant to rouse readership.

Kansas natives help drive a stake through Missouri -
The Kansas Kids (that's what we'll call them from now on) get some real love. Only in Durham, NC will you see this much love for some white boy college basketball players.

Jayhawks skin Tigers, 84-65 |

FINAL: Strong first half pushes KU to 84-65 victory over MU /

Missouri takes a hefty beating |

Jayhawks Pummel Mizzou | The Shiver

Other Basketball Links

Morning Brew: Never trust a man named Moose |
A Kansas spin on the possible All White Basketball League.

KU moves up to No. 2 in both polls |

Vosburgh: Xavier Henry needs to step up |

McCray's struggles contribute to Jayhawks' recent slump |

Goodrich has surgery on torn ACL |

Former Kansas Jayhawks walk-on Joel Branstrom busts students' prank - ESPN
Must watch:  Olathe Northwest (KS) girl's basketball coach gets punked after making a halfcourt shot. Blindfolded.


From Behind (Permanent) Enemy Lines

Tigers crumble under weight of KU’s Aldrich -
"The sobering reality about Missouri's 84-65 loss at No. 2 Kansas on Monday night was this: With the possible exception of kidnapping KU center Cole Aldrich on his way to Allen Fieldhouse, there was nothing much Missouri could have done to avoid the thrashing it received." I liked that part.

Tigers get run out of Lawrence |
Yeah, basically, that's the gist of it.


OT Links

The Jury of Chronic Affliction: Group D - World Soccer Digest
Daily World Cup Primer Link.  By the way, in case you were wondering, Ghana is my darkhorse pick to advance far in the tournament. Because, I know you were wondering.

Roddick loses in quarterfinals at Australian Open - Tennis - Yahoo! Sports
Daily Australian Open Link.  The last American (I think) in the men's draw is out. But, give Roddick credit - he fought through a shoulder injury all match and came back from two sets down.

Rumors of Urban Meyer's 'absence' were greatly exaggerated - Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports
Yeah, really - what was the point of this?

Colts open as four-point favorites over Saints in Super Bowl XLIV - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Would you give or take the four-and-a-half?

ModernTube: Solid proof that Royals fans have cabin fever - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
This will likely be 1) the most publicity the Royals get on Yahoo! or ESPN all year long, and 2) the highlight of the year.

Suns seeking trade offers for Stoudemire - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Would you want your local or favorite NBA team to make a play for Amare? What would you give up? If I talked about the NBA and nobody here cared about the NBA, would I still be talking about the NBA?