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One Down, One to Go: Jayhawks Begin Rivalry Week; Beat Missouri, 84-65

I'm not going to lie - that was fun, but there's really not much that I can do to 1) top this morning's rallying of the troops, or 2) say about this game that isn't blatantly obvious, so I'm not even going to try, really.  Let's just enjoy it for a day, maybe two since it's Missouri and get ready for K-State on Saturday.

Missouri looked in the first half like the Kansas team that played Cornell, Tennessee and Nebraska.  The thing that had everyone so up in arms during our "mini-struggle" stretch was the lack of activity on the offensive end and lack of dribble penetration.  Well, we got a chance to see how nice it is for your opponent to do that, for at least a half, Monday night.  Missouri jacked up three after three (when they weren't turning it over) after three.  You will take that anytime from an opponent, but you will especially take it when the opposing team is not a good three point shooting team.  It's very frustrating to watch such a thing, is it not, Missouri?  Don't talk smack again.  Ever again.

Tigers vs Jayhawks boxscore

Tigers vs Jayhawks recap

Reasons We Won

Besides the obvious "we were better" fact, which was very obvious.

  • The crowd.  The Allen Fieldhouse faithful brought their big boy voices.
  • Cole Aldrich: Exhibit A - defense: 16 rebounds, 7 blocks, Missouri 17.9 percent shooting, a VoC% of somewhere near the temperature of the North Pole. Exhibit B - offense: 12 points
  • Brady Morningstar with the NBA Jam fireball.
  • Tyrel Reed's scintillating three point shooting when Missouri collapsed down on Cole.
  • Marcus Morris' fifth straight game over 16 points.
  • Marcus and Markieff actually combine for 26 points and 20 rebounds.
  • Xavier Henry realized that making three pointers is, in fact, not illegal.  Welcome back, Xavier.
  • Tyshawn Taylor driving to the hoop and playing his role.
  • Missouri's best player Kim English: 3-13 shooting.

Random Musings from the Boxscore

  • Losing the turnover battler by a 24-4 margin typically doesn't mean victory, unless, of course, 49.1 percent from the field and 47.4 percent from three point range.
  • Cole missed his triple-double by three blocks, as what discussed vehemently in the Open Game Thread.

I really can't sit still to focus enough to break anything down right now.  Forgive me, but there's just not that much to say about it.  Denver with some real analysis in the morning...