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Rock Chalk Talk 1.25.10 - Rivalry Gameday Edition

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Greatest Dunk of All-Time in Kansas History?  Julian Wright got UP and on over obscurely named #44 for Mizzou (Kalen Grimes?).  It don't get no better than that.

Game Day Links

Big Monday begins big week for KU -

Missouri can’t win at KU’s game -

MU-KU capsule -

Border War Continues In Lawrence | The Shiver KU Stays Focused

Rivalry week begins for KU |

Kansas to Host Missouri on ESPN Big Monday in Men's Basketball - KANSAS OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Jayhawks Deliver Pizzas to Camping Students - KANSAS OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Can KU deliver against MU? /

Kansas’ key: ‘Just play’ /

Changing their stripes? /
Exploring the difference in Kansas fans' perception towards Missouri coaches Norm, Quin and Anderson.

Basketball prepares for Border Showdown | UDK

Students camp out in record numbers for Missouri game | UDK
This started Thursday morning after the Baylor game. That's camping out for five days. Not just the day of the game. Take notes for Saturday, K-State.

Behind (Permanent) Enemy Lines

Know Your Hatred: Kansas - Rock M Nation
Bill C. with a great statistical breakdown of our Jayhawks. Now, if only I could do something at this level for our opponents...

Missouri Men's Basketball All-Time vs. K***** - Rock M Nation
A member at RMN with his regular all-time series breakdown. We lead. Big surprise.

Mizzou makes it work with interchangeable parts - Game Preview: Missouri vs Kansas

Missouri’s Denmon reaches for a bright future while casting a wary eye on the past -
A really great feature on Missouri's sophomore guard Marcus Denmon, who I played ball with in middle school, from yesterday in the KC Star. Really, it's worth the read.


Is there really any other news to talk about today?

I didn't think so.