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Recruiting Chatter: Weekend Visitors

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Well, it's been a little quiet.  I have a couple of suspected surprise visitors but it's pretty clear they want things kept under wraps.  Just to give you some insight these are a pair I have spoken with in the past, indicated they would be visiting but didn't want it getting out because of their current commitment situation.  I have tried to confirm both again but it has gotten pretty quiet on both fronts.  If one or both of these guys make their way to campus and coach Gill can get a commitment, we'll have some happy folks around here. 

In terms of actual confirmed visitors it has been a little quiet on that front as well but with only a handful of scholarships remaining that's not entirely surprising.

On my end I was able to confirm:

  • Judd Hunt   6'6" 260 lbs, offensive line prospect out of Alabama
  • Darrin Kitchens 6'3" 215 lbs, linebacker prospect out of Florida

Outside of that both ESPN and Rivals are confirming:

  • James Polk - 6'7" 290 lbs, offensive tackle out of Texas (current Texas Tech commit)
  • Steve Funderburk - 6'4" 195 lbs, DB/LB out of Florida

Clearly all four of these would be nice pickups in my mind.  Offensive line is an area we should always be recruiting and linebacker is a position of need.  Also interesting that we have two more from Florida and another one from the south in Alabama.