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RCT New Staff Announcement: KCSince88

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We've got a new contributing author here at RCT beginning today with KCSince88's bump up in the blog roll.  I had a pretty long and relatively humorous roast prepared but I thought it might be lost on some and this really is something that we're excited about here simply for the fact that KC has stepped up his level of involvement lately and really brings some passion to the blog.

KC88 will be helping out with basketball in a big way as a starting point.  Obviously I love Kansas basketball but many of you probably have noticed that sometimes my passion lies a little more on the football side of things.  With KC88 added we'll be able to provide more consistent, fresh content on the hardwood sport.  In addition we fully expect he'll have plenty to bring to the table come football season with projects like his "Recruit Round up" from a year ago.

So basically, RC and myself are your managing editors here at RCT.  If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns or just general things you need to one of us by clicking on the little envelope next to our name at the bottom of the page here. 

James Quinn, for those of you who weren't around a year ago, is our resident baseball expert and I would expect things to start shaping up with him in the near future.  VERY good baseball coverage for those that haven't seen it.

And of course, the KC88 addition is outlined above.  Again this is another way for us to get more involved, KC probably won't be the last guy that joins us but as this place grows it just makes sense to have more fresh content and perspective on a more regular basis.  That way hopefully everyone continues coming back and staying engaged. 

Congrats KC...looking forward to your contributions and Rock Chalk Jayhawk.