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Football Recruiting Weekend on Tap

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Kansas football and the recently completed coaching staff will host it's first group of recruits this weekend.  Needless to say Coach Gill and company have been busy in their short time at Kansas solidifying committed players and working to uncover some new potential ones.

Earlier in the week Dagger was looking for some visitor information and I was able to confirm several of the recruits that will be in town.  This is definitely not a complete list, I wasn't able to personally confirm some and with respect to premium info on other sites this list is what I was able to compile myself.  In shouldn't be too difficult for some to fill in the gaps.

Visitor List 1/15-1/17

Geneo Grissom  4* DE (Soft verbal) finalists OU and KU

Keeston Terry 4* WR (Soft Verbal)

Andrew Turzilli 3* WR (Solid Verbal)

Chad Kolumber OL

Javius Townsend 3* OL (Soft Texas Tech)

Pat Lewandowski 2* DE

If I am personally able to confirm others I will update the posting.  Just as an FYI there are definitely two more that other sites are confirming but at this point I haven't myself.

Also stay tuned later this morning, a little bit of an announcement coming up regarding RCT.