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Kansas at Nebraska Open Game Thread

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Bob Devaney Sports Center is the scene, the Jayhawks are team. Nebraska is the opponent and RCT is the place to be. Word is Kansas lost a game on Sunday, heads to Lincoln looking to get back to the business of winning.

Tyshawn Taylor says he doesn't know his role? Bill Self says he should shut the hell up. It's Wednesday night and Big 12 conference basketball is about to begin. Not quite Big Monday but it's close, Large Wednesday is the name.

Throw in the rumor running around the blog that Labba might be in attendance for the OGT with the fact that MpFische stuck his head out of his hole this week and I think it's officially OGT season right?

If you haven't partaken in the past...join today, it's free and fun entertainment which in these "challenging economic times" is a good thing. Register here and we'll see you there. Tipoff in 30 minutes but chime in as you like.