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RCT Readers Choice Awards: Mr. Jayhawk


"RCT Readers Choice Award"

For our final award we've saved the best for last, the RCT Mr. Jayhawk Award. Now this is the award of all awards. If you are a football player at the University of Kansas you dream of one day recieving the RCT Mr. Jayhawk award.

The way this one goes as many might guess is basically you're favorite player. The player that best embodies what it means to be a Jayhawk, what it means to be a teamate, what it means to sacrifice and what it takes to win. This is the one guy you wouldn't trade for anyone and I mean anyone. Think long and hard here folks this one is important. The winner of this one will likely go on to have great fame and fortune so don't take this one lightly.

Once again as they say at the Oscars, "it's just an honor to be nominated among these greats." Same rule applies here. Also please look in awe at the larger more magnificent trophy for this one.

On to the Nominees for 2009 RCT Mr. Jayhawk...drumroll please...