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Kansas at Tennessee Open Game Thread

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This is it, the non conference wrap up for the Jayhawks. Once again however, a game that looked to be a stiff test a few months back takes a turn due to some player suspensions in key spots for the Vols. This will still be a good game. This will still be a decent test. Top 15 road opponent tough? maybe not quite. Make no mistake though, Vols fans will be ready and Bruce Pearl can still put a solid squad on the court.

CBS carries the game today so no need for any online feeds as I would certainly hope most out there will be able to find CBS. Even if it means taking your date to Buffalo Wild Wings with your laptop. Should be a good Open Game Thread as well after RCT seemed to step it up for Cornell. Big road games, bring out the best in the OGT's.

Lastly for those out there that haven't jumped in, please do...all are welcome...register here.