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New Years Day Football Open Game Thread

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Happy new year to all.  Hope everyone had a safe and fun time.  Today we've got an action packed day of college football.  I thought we'd have a thread open for the day in case anyone feels like poking their head in and talking a little football. 

Things kickoff with an early morning Outback Bowl kickoff.  Follow that up with the Capital One and Gator Bowls at 1pm.  Then wrap the day up with the first two BCS bowls of the season with the Sugar Bowl and of course the Rose Bowl.

Also don't forget tomorrow our Jayhawks take on Temple in a road contest vs. a Top 25 opponent.  Should be a fun game to watch and get some sense of what we really have on the court to date.  Again, Happy New Year to all and enjoy the day.

(all times eastern, for Labba and KG of course)

Outback Jan. 1
11 a.m.
Tampa, FL Northwestern vs. Auburn ESPN
Capital One Jan. 1
1 p.m.
Orlando, FL Penn State vs. LSU ABC
Konica Minolta Gator Jan. 1
1 p.m.
Jacksonville, FL West Virginia vs. Florida State CBS
Rose presented by Citi Jan. 1
5 p.m.
Pasadena, CA Oregon vs. Ohio State ABC
Allstate Sugar Jan. 1
8:30 p.m.
New Orleans, LA Florida vs. Cincinnati FOX