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Kansas Dominates Northern Colorado 49-3

Well, that was fun. I doubt anybody was ever really worried, or anything, but still -- it was out of hand early, and we continued to pile on throughout the evening.

I didn't get to watch the game, but here are some various, quick thoughts on the game:
  • Jake Laptad had a big night. A couple of sacks, and in the UNoCo's backfield all night. We need consistent pressure like that from him all season long.
  • Most importantly, our running game was outstanding. Obviously, it's against a poor 1-AA team (maybe even a terrible one), but still. We destroyed them from the get-go. Especially on outside runs. We need to have a better running game than we did last year, and tonight was a great start.
  • For a negative little bit, the corners opposite Daymond Patterson did not look good. From the looks of it, DP was ignored, but that's probably because the other side wasn't hot. Anthony Davis picked up a bunch of penalties, and that's never good. And then, Calvin Rubles came in on the act and picked up a pair of penalties. They need to pick up their game, because I don't know if you've noticed, but teams in the Big 12 like to pass. A lot. So, yeah, that needs to improve.
More substantial thoughts in the coming days, especially from the people who actually watched the game.

Besides Oklahoma's Sam Bradford-less loss, the Big 12 survived unscathed. That isn't very fun, though, that we lost one. Now, Alabama needs to lose to equal out the big teams losing, so my Big 12 > SEC campaign continues.