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Open Game Thread :: Game #1 :: Northern Colorado 0-0 (0-0) @ Kansas Jayhawks 0-0 (0-0)

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College football is back, people. It finally set in sometime during the Syracuse-Minnesota game, when I saw Greg Paulus lead a TD drive. It was amazing, and it made me realize that yes, it actually is football season. Greg Paulus. Wow.

Anyways, this is your Open Game Thread for today's impending blowout of the Bears. Usually, I try to watch it with predictions and such, but I don't really care on this one. No way we lose.

Like, I seriously consider it impossible. We just aren't going to lose. Even without Dezmon Briscoe playing, we should still be fine.

The key to watch for involves the running game. Last season, we couldn't run much in the opening game against Florida International. I didn't really freak out about it, or anything, but it turned out to be a sign of the future, and we struggled running all year long. That can't happen this year.

So, especially against a weak defense, let's get the running game started off on the right foot. I want 200 yards.

Predictions go here, too. It's up a full hour before the game, so you have plenty of time to chat it up and stuff. Depending on how many people show up here, and aren't at the game, we might have a second half thread. I'm not promising anything, but it could happen. Definitely.

I'll go with a prediction of: Kansas 48 Northern Colorado 14. UNoCo has some talent on offense, and our D is still a question mark. They'll pick up two TDs, while we have 6 TDs and 2 field goals. Kale Pick leads one drive for a TD, and then has another drive stall around the 25, thus the field goal.

Anyways, that's my guess. Insert yours below.

Oh, and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!