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Open Game Thread :: 2009 College Football Kickoff :: September 3rd 2009


After months and months of anticipation, 2009's version of college football is upon us. In just half-an-hour, Steve Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks (Garnet and Black Attack) will take on Tom O'Brien's North Carolina State Wolfpack (Backing the Pack) on the Worldwide Leader. Not a marquee matchup, but hey -- it's pigskin, so it counts. Plus, if you haven't got a chance to watch him yet, NC State's QB, Russell Wilson, is a stud. He's basically the Robert Griffin of the ACC. So, at the very least you can watch him.

I have the Wolfpack winning, by the way. Mostly because of Wilson, but homefield advantage doesn't hurt, either.

ESPN's late game, though, is a real treat. The Oregon Ducks (Addicted to Quack) will battle the Boise State Broncos (One Bronco Nation Under God/OBNUG) in a matchup of Top 20 teams, taking place on the blue turf in Boise. This one should be an amazing, offensive game, so that'll be exciting. Jeremiah Masoli is the star for Oregon, with the supporting role going to runningback LeGarrette Blount, a real physical specimen. The Broncs are led by Kellen Moore, who thankfully is no longer a freshman so we don't hear how amazing it is that he's a freshman a thousand-million-jillion times on the television broadcast. Crisis averted.

I'll take Oregon in a mini-upset. They are dangerously talented, and no more Ian Johnson for the blue-turfers. Also, Oregon has absolutely fantastic uniforms. And I'm being serious.

Anyways, this is your Open Game Thread for the night's action. There are a handful of other games on local television, the interwebz and even the always exciting North Texas @ Ball State matchup on ESPNU (full schedule here -- and don't forget about the "web-only" games, which can be found at the very bottom), so feel more than welcome to talk about those as well. Basically, these Open Game Threads, or OGTs, are just a place to hang out and chat it up about football.The primary topics will be the two games on ESPN, I'm sure, but we frequently go off on tangets here at RCT. It's a very laid-back atmosphere, and a perfect way to get into the flow of posting if you have been a lurker.

I will be here, for sure, and I'm sure there will be at least a couple others. So, come on by and let's get the 2009 college football season started off on the right foot.