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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 2

Two weeks down and there is a jumbled mess in the middle this week.  3 teams stand at 2-0, 3 at 0-2 and 12 in the mix at 1-1 after two weeks.  This league is deep, or thin depending on how you look at it.  We're going to see ups and downs but a few look to be commanding respect early. 

Top Billing for the week has changed as we've got a new Sheriff in town.  Also look inside the rankings, game recaps and awards as there are definitely some teams to watch out for, including and potential offensive juggernaut noted in the award section.  As for my own team, don't even ask.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings Cont. 


  1. Fighting 5.7's - The 5.7's continue there winning ways and are well positioned in first place scoring the most points of any team through two weeks.  Both wins were also against divisional opponents so the 5.7's would have to be the clear cut favorite early on to clinch that spot.
  2. Kansas Farm Boys - Nipping at the heels of the 5.7's with just a shade fewer in the point column but more impressive wins in terms of competition.
  3. Basketball School - Continuing to climb the charts is notorious shit talker KC who is the 3rd and final 2-0 team, posting a comfortable win over last weeks #1 the Devils Rejects.  Had the Rejects put up more of a fight Basketball School could have potentially moved even further up the list but instead the question has instead been turned to, how good are the Rejects really?
  4. Tosche Station Power Converters - Bensa's team has made major strides in week 2 and if it wasn't for the fact that this team has faced to of the highest weekly outputs in their first two weeks of action they could very easily be in a better position.  This may be a little high at number four, but Bensa's team is the most impressive in terms of point production when it comes to the glut of 1-1 teams in this league.
  5. New York Chiefs - Similar to Bensa's squad Labba's tough week one draw is the only thing that kept him from being 2-0.  His team puts up points, but injuries may begin to chip away at this teams early season hype.
  6. Cry Baby Cutlers -The Cry Baby's lead their division after two hard fought games.  You win some and you lose some unfortunately for the Cry Baby's it's tough to remain on top if you keep rolling the dice.  For now though they are a team that has some upside and they've been productive early. 
  7. Spontaneous Combustion - Leads the tightest divisional race due to the ever important divisional record.  That's big in the end with only 4 cracks at divisional foes.  This isn't a great team and Labba will be hot on their heels but for now they've earned some respect with a playoff spot if it ended today.
  8. Devils Rejects - The rejects had a great week one and were atop the standings but absolutely tanked in week two much to the delight of KC's squad.  Right now it's a Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde complex for this group so I put them middle of the pack.  Watch out though this team could be right back on top with the talent at Danimal's disposal.
  9. Baby Seal Clubbers - seals????  I hesitantly move you up the list JayhawkTom...and I'm not sure why I care, I don't really like Seals.
  10. Slow Dancers - SlowDance is a fringe team right now.  As you recall he was solid in week one but struggled to maintain in week 2.  He still remains in the playoff picture in this early stage and truthfully he has a pretty decent shot at staying there the way things have looked in the division.  Problem is, this team might not have enough to make any waves once they get there.  Besides that, those damn Baby Seal Killers will be hot on his tail.
  11. Reesing for Heisman - Reesing and Dezmon's Tutors are almost interchangable here but a better consistency and overall coaching performances mean that Reesing get's the nod.
  12. Dezmon's Tutors - Like the Reesing's ahead of them, Dezmon's Tutors are a scrappy team that can find a way to win one.  They don't put up huge numbers but they put up solid numbers.  If you're caught sleeping they'll beat you anytime.  Question becomes if that's enough to win a division.
  13. Beltway Mudslingers - The mudslingers are the best of the worst this week standing atop our bottom six.  The mudslingers were doomed in week one but responded with a solidi performance against a good team in week two.
  14. KC Deadheads - The deadheads put up points, but can't catch a break as they've had the second most points put up against them of any team.  This team is better than their 0-2 record indicates but better start winning soon or things could get difficult.
  15. New KU Happy Hour - Slimmest point differential of any team in the league through 2 weeks and happy hour is lucky to be 1-1.  Overall point total is a tad concerning but you've got to think some of the talent on board is going to step up soon.
  16. Percy Harvins Smoke a Thon - How on earth is this guy 1-1.  Oh wait, he played me in week 1.  The worst point production in the league, a mere 60 points in week 2 and Percy still has plenty of time to get things together.  1-1 ain't half bad considering the bumps in the road early.
  17. Denver's Fighing Mangino's - Well, this blows.  The talent isn't their in Denver, changes were made to no avail.  The only solace is that they are no longer the worst in the league as that honor will go to the other 0-2 team and the one that scores even less points than the Mangino's
  18. North Champs - It's lonely down there Este, just take solace in the fact that things can only get better and at least you are consistent.  McNabbs return should help, if it ever happens.

Weekly Game Recap

Fighting Mangino's vs. Fighting 5.7's - The 5.7's rode the return of Frank Gore to another monster Sunday while the Fighting Mangino's not only lack the talent but even the coaching is simply average for this team in a state of emergency.

Baby Seal Clubbers vs. NorthChamps - The 1-2 punch of Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark would have been too much for nearly anyone to overcome as the Baby Seal Clubbers put up some points.  Problem here is that even without those two, the NorthChamps still wouldn't have beaten the Seal Clubbers.  This game was about as unfair as the clubbing baby seals in the arctic.

Beltway Mudslingers vs. Spontaneous Combustion - Mario Manningham's big day for the Giants was enough to overcome what had the makings of a stalemate as these two teams were pretty even across the board. Looks like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco will both pay of for their respective teams in this one as the sophomore jinx has yet to take hold.

The Devils Rejects vs. Basketball School - The rejects struggled with their lineup decisions and those that dominated in week one had less than stellar performances against KC.  In the end it was just one of those days for the rejects and the consistency on the other sideline took advantage.

Reesing for Heisman vs. KU Happy Hour - This was a close one but this week's battle of the quarterbacks saw Tom Brady fail while Phillip Rivers showed up.  It can be tough to win when your first round draft pick and a future hall of famer only puts up 9 points. 

KC Deadheads vs. Power Converters - Nobody was beating the Power Converters this week, NOBODY!!!  100% coaching rating and nearly 60 points from Chris Johnson of Tennessee.  Sucks to be the deadheads this week as Matt Shaub put together the game of a lifetime and it will all be forgotten.

Dezmon's Tutors vs. Cry Baby Cutlers - Dezmon's Tutors won in a tight game during week one but this time they came out on the losing end.  This one was pretty even across the board and ultimately it was the defenses that decided this one.  The Cowboys D put up a negative 4 point week for Dez while the Ravens put up +9 for the Cry Baby's.

New York Chief's vs. Percy's Smoke-a-Thon - Too many zeroes in the score column for Percy and the Chief's are a well run organization.  No not those KC Chief's, I'm talking about Labba's New York Chief's.  A 97% coaching rating and 115 points easily handled Percy's Smoke a Thon. 

Slow Dancers vs. Kansas Farm Boys - Drew Brees looks to be a machine and the Kansas Farm Boys will be dangerous if this continues.  Too much through the air for Slow Dance to overcome and the crazy thing is the Farm Boys left a lot of points off the board by not playing the Saints defense.  Slow Dance, you're going to need better than Jason Cambell to finish in the tops of this league.  Feel free to look me up, I might be willing to part ways with Kyle Orton : )


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - Game of the week goes to the Deadheads and the Power Converters.  If you like offense, and most Kansas fans do, this game put up some huge numbers.  Had the Deadheads only put together a coaching performance as good as the Converters this would have been an instant classic.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) - Tosche Station Power Converters

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - The Devil's Rejects

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) - Tosche Station Power Converters

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) - The Devil's Rejects