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Kansas vs. Northern Colorado Tale of the Tape

Those who were around last year probably remember this one as well.  For those that are new, basically the team analysis is more about the matchups where todays tale of the tape is about the numbers.

This feature will take a look at how Kansas and their opponent stack up both nationally and in the conference in terms of several offensive and defensive statistical categories.  From those we'll try and look for potential problems or areas that can be exploited by the Jayhawks in their upcoming game.

However, believe it or not this week there are no stats or offensive/defensive rankings as no on has played.  I'm pretty sure though that I did see somehow Todd Reesing has already recorded 1 completion on 1 attempt for 99 yards and a touchdown.  Not sure how that happened but if it can, he'd be the one to do it.

Anyway back to the Tale of the Tape feature, here's a link to the one from last years Insight Bowl for those that are interested.  I also hope to expand on it this year depending on what other charts etc. I can come up with for comparisons sake.

Now in an effort to not leave you hanging without any statistics let me say this, our little blog has grown just a tad in the last year.  I'm sure you've noticed the increased activity, comments on posts, new fanposts and new faces.  Here's the thing, last August 5,869 site visits with 10,241 page views.  This August 14,018 visits with 31,923 page views.  Not a bad little jump and actually out does our best month ever during football season and it technically hasn't really even started.

September is off to a heck of a start, KC's currently seeking employment so he's adding a solid 200 visits a day himself.  In all seriousness though it's been fun to watch, thanks go out to RockChalk for hosting this thing despite making the move to Xavier and all of you new ones and heck even the old, use the fanposts, fanshots and comments.  That's what makes this place great in my mind, not too long ago it was Kenny, myself, Rock Chalk and I'm sure I might be missing 1 or 2 more, but you can imagine there were a whole lot of crickets. 

One more day closer, the countdown is on, it's football time...might as well get it fired up around here.