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Kansas Jayhawks Recover From Faulty Start, Destroy Duke Blue Devils 44-16

Well, that first quarter sucked.

We couldn't move the ball on offense, and our defense took all of two plays to surrender a TD. It was really, really ugly.

But after that first drive, our defense was excellent. Third down quickly became known as Sack Down (H/T: Slam), and our defensive line continued its stellar play.

And while our offense took quite awhile, and way too long, to get up to the same speed, it eventually got there. In the second half, but still -- it got there.

Todd Reesing looked a tad bit off yet again, while there were way too many drops from our receiver corps.

In the end, though, it was all good. Our offense started rolling, and once it did, it didn't really stop the rest of the game much at all.

More thoughts to come later tonight, after I'm done watching CFB.

NOTE: This is your CFB thread for the rest of the evening. If we need another one, we'll get on it, but for now this will more than do.