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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 1

Last week kicked of the battle for pro football gridiron supremacy here at Rock Chalk Talk.  6 divisions, 18 teams with one true champion to be crowned. 

As I predicted my one and only shot at standing atop the power rankings was in the preseason and I stand by the decision to draft Kyle Orton who finished with a 100+ QB rating thanks to his incredible last second "skills" at quarterback. 

That said, I lost as did others...while some of you have already displayed your football prowess in winning.  The new power rankings are out.  RCT Football League is in full swing.  We've got a new league favorite and game recaps after the jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. The Devils Rejects - Danimal runs away with the highest point total in week one, but I seem to recall him skipping the draft?  Last time I show up to a live draft.
  2. Fighting 5.7's - Solid point total, very balanced attack.  I think I might have to realign the divisions to get him out of mine.
  3. Kansas Farm Boys - Solid win vs. a solid opponent for RockChalks7, could make an argument for #2
  4. Spontaneous Combustion - VERY close to jumping the farm boys with a more well rounded performance across the board.
  5. Dezmon's Tutors - If it ended today he'd be playoff bound after squeeking out a tough victory in week one.  Will being battle tested help the tutors continue their winning ways?
  6. Slow Dancers - Our fearless leader also leads his division and is playoff bound as off this moment, unfortunately there are still 16 weeks to go.
  7. Reesing for Heisman - Great point total, just ran into a better team in week one.  Reesing will be in the mix down the stretch.
  8. Basketball School - A huge early season win in a tough high scoring contest.  KC's in it to win it again folks.
  9. Cry Baby Cutlers - On the losing end of the Basketball School matchup but still a very solid performance and one to watch out for in a very tough division.
  10. New York Chiefs - Just like Reesing for Heisman the Chiefs just had a tough week one opponent.  Great scoring output but they also did happen to lose a key divisional contest which hurts.
  11. New KU Happy Hour - Ended on the winning side despite a low point total, but sometimes a win is a win and that's all that matters.
  12. Percy Harvins Smoke a Thon - He beat me, but my team sucks so that isn't saying much.  Still a win though for Percy and that's better than the last 6 teams on the list.
  13. KC Deadheads - A very close loss to divisional foe in Dezmon's tutors.  Amazingly had they won, KC Deadheads would have been in first in their division and 5th in the power rankings.  Oh it's fun to speculate this early isn't it?
  14. Beltway Mudslingers - Ran into a buzz saw early, not a bad output but need to rally the troops and get a win under their "belts" in week 2.
  15. Baby Seal Clubbers - Did anyone else catch this insensitve name?  Good god man...maybe you deserved to lose : )
  16. North Champs - A very close loss, could've swung up to the middle third with a win but still not a great day for the champs.
  17. Tosche Station Power Converters - Nearly doubled up Bensa, you were nearly doubled up.  Be thankful I'm not putting you last.
  18. Denver's Fighing Mangino's - This is one of the most epic meltdowns of all time.  So much hype going into the season, the League favorite and now dropped to the league dudd with a giant thud.  Not sure a point total could get much lower.  There's talk in Denver land of a major shakeup on the roster.  Watch and see?

Weekly Game Recap

Tosche Power Station Converters vs. The Devils Reject - The Rejects blew up in week one behind two monster performances from Tony Romo and Adrian Peterson.  Props to the converters for making the move on Mike Bell in New Orleans but missed the boat with Willis McGahee.  Wouldn't have matterd much though, the Devils were on a mission of destruction. 

KC Deadheads vs. Dezmon's Tutors - This was a close one, the deadheads were balanced but really let down by a poor Matt Forte performance in week one.  At the same time Trent Edwards was a pleasant surprise for the Tutors as the Bills gave the Pats a run for their money. Either way both team "owner" did an excellent job of managing their talent and this could be a pair to watch.

Spontaneous Combustion vs. New York Chiefs - If you took the over on this one, you are probably happy.  QB's had solid showings for both and balanced across the board as whole.  The difference though was at the running back position where J. Jones/Westbrook blew Bush/F. Jones out of the water.  Really surprised the Chiefs weren't able to capitalize on the nearly 30 pt output of Reggie Wayne though.

Kansas Farm Boys vs. Reesing for Heisman - Another high scoring affair but the farm boys rode the arm of Drew Brees to victory and that might be a theme all season long for these guys.  Don't sleep on Reesing though who actually outcoached the Farm Boys but his 50 point Philadelphia Eagles defense output just wasn't enough to overcome the struggles elsewhere.

Basketball School vs. Cry Baby Cutlers - A barn burner in this one even though KC completely sat one position with A. Gonzalez being out for a few weeks.  If Cutlers had made one more change at the reciever spot they had this one in the bag.  Also have to be a little shocked and disappointed that the Ravens D could only muster 7 points against the woeful Chiefs.

Beltway Mudslingers vs. The Fighting 5.7's - Quite honestly this was just a case of the 5.7's having better talent.  Only thing the Mudslingers could have done different was use Flacco against the Chiefs instead of Kurt Warner, but not many would have made that call.  The 5.7's aren't flashy and they don't have huge names, but they look like they are going to put up points so keep an eye on them.

KU Happy Hour vs. The North Champs - Played in the fashion of an old NFC North defensive slugfest this one had a lot of closely contested positional battles.  In the end though Monday night proved too much as the KU Happy Hour's Tom Brady blew up late. 

Slow Dancers vs. Baby Seal Clubbers - Thank god the Slow Dancers beat these PETA hating jerks : )  Sure both of these teams had some surprises and points left on the bench in this one, but there isn't much anyone can honestly say they would have done differently.  Ultimately the Slow Dancers were way too balanced for the Seal Clubbers to beat, but looking down the road the Seal Clubbers do have a lot of talent that has a lot of boom bust potential.

Percy Harvin's Smoke a Thon vs. Denver's Mangino's - In the weeks worst game Percy rode great coaching and a 97% overall effectiveness rating to a win.  Even with a perfectly coached game the Mangino's couldn't have won this one which is sad that the talent in Denver is so bad.  One thing worth pointing out though Kyle Orton was better than Aaron Rodgers so he might get the nod next week.  On Percy's side, this team has talent.  They just need Jay Cutler to take care of the ball and they could be dangerous. 


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - This one goes to the deadheads vs the Tutors who had a close battle in an early season divisional game to set the tone of the season.

The Mangino Award(goes to best coaching performance) - Dezmon's Tutors with a perfect score of 100% in the coaching rating.  I think this team is dangerous later this year.

The Stinkel(goes to worst coaching performance, affectionately named after Gary Pinkel) -Bensa and the Tosche Power Converters with an 80% coaching rating...pick it up Bensa

The Reesing(goes out to the team with the most impressive offensive performance of the week) - The Devils Rejects

The Big 10 Award (goes to the worst offensive output of the week) - Denver's fighting Mangino's