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Kansas vs. Duke Team Analysis


Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Duke?

Why Kansas?  Quite simply because even without a crisp game from their fearless leader in Todd Reesing the Jayhawks were able to muster the second most yards in NCAA play in week 2.  Behind an offensive line that looks much deeper and more talented than originally expected the Jayhawks are putting together a balanced attack running the ball equally as effectively if not more effectively than the passing game.



KU Offense vs. Duke's Defense


Well Duke does boast a fairly successful rate against the pass this season, but that's against Richmond and Army.  Hardly teams that strike fear into your heart as deadly passers.  Throw into the mix a less than stellar run defense and this is a tall order for Duke in terms of stopping Kansas.  Still though if Duke's pass defense can show it's for real they just might, maybe might, give the Jayhawks trouble.

Dare I say it, has the defense of the Kansas Jayhawks become a strength?  It was almost a given that week in and week out this was the primary area that Kansas would falter.  A few switches in the defensive backfield and a resurgence in the pass rush and this unit suddenly looks pretty effective.  The fact is the Duke offense is pretty inept.  Yes they've won a game but I'm not sure they deserved that one only mustering a slim 236 yards of offense.  Kansas has a huge advantage if that remains the norm.

KU Defense vs. Duke's Offense





Well, they do sport a two quarterback look so you never know what's coming at you.  Problem is, much like Eric Mangini found with his Cleveland Browns mind trick, it doesn't matter if you're team and quarterbacks are still ineffective.  Duke wins this matchup if and only if Kansas takes a giant leap backwards this week and Duke somehow plays the game of their lives offensively.

The rollercoaster ride that is the Jayhawks special teams continues.  Daymond Patterson showed some promise returning punts while Jacob Branstetter who apparently got his bell rung was all over the place in terms of kicking accuracy.  One thing remains true though and that's the fact that for the most part Kansas is winning the field position battle this year and that can be attributed to improvement on kick coverage and a serviceable return game.  Kansas wins here as well.

Special Teams


Duke gains an edge if they can improve on one of the nations worst punting averages and forces Kansas into field goal situations.  Then they've got a chance to say their special teams were a boost, well sort of.

To tell you why Kansas wins this take a look at last week for answers.  Chris Harris moves to the #2 corner, offensive line rotates in Trevor Marrongelli due to Illness and the defense line wreaks havoc with a solid rotation including a front four of Wheeler, Onyegbule, Laptad and Foster on third and long.  Three examples of the decision making prowess of the Jayhawk staff.  Great moves that paid off big time.


Sorry Duke, you play in the ACC and right now there isn't a whole lot of good going on there in terms of football.  Only way Duke wins the coaching matchup is if they can convince Coach Kryzewski to become a "leader of men" on the gridiron instead of the hardwood.  Speaking of, why didn't Greg Paulus stick around?


UNoCo put up a fight, UTEP made a few nervous, but Duke I'm not sure should do either.  Kansas has a decided advantage in nearly every phase of the game and through 2 games still hasn't put all the pieces together.   I look for Kansas and the coaching staff to work hard toward getting closer to that ultimate goal this week and use this one as one final tune up before Southern Mississippi who is looking tough and that brutal conference schedule that has everyone picking against them.  Kansas wins this one big and Sparky get's back to form.  Rock Chalk!