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Kansas Jayhawks Look Impressive, Dispatch UTEP Miners 34-7

What can you say? The defensive line played absolutely fantastic. One of the better performances I've ever seen a Kansas defensive line display. Just really, really impressive. The whole defense as a whole, really, was pretty awesome. That one long, 74-yard touchdown sucked in every way imaginable, and that was just awful defense. But take that play away, and we absolutely dominated an UTEP offense that is pretty good. Like, maybe even really good.

Our offense was kind of sketchy. Todd Reesing played a pretty poor game, maybe his worst in a Kansas uniform. Which says more about how awesome he has been, but still -- he looked off all night. Thankfully, we don't play 500 yards away from the Mexican border very often, so hopefully these games are few and far between.

Thankfully, the running game is worlds better than last years. And Toben Opurum is an absolute man-child.

This non-conference season wasn't perfect by any stretch. However, it's been excellent in limiting our fears. Coming into the season, the two biggest issues with Kansas were the pass rush and the running game. Both of those aspects have absolutely dominated, absolutely dominated, so far this season. So, if we can get the stuff we thought would be strengths (passing attack and secondary), we'll be absolutely golden, my friends.