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Open Game Thread :: Game #2 :: Kansas Jayhawks 1-0 (0-0) @ UTEP Miners 0-1 (0-0)


Here we are. The real start of the season. Last week was sweet, with football coming back and everything, and it was awesome to see/read about the Jayhawks taking the field yet again.

But this week. This is when the nerves start. At least a little bit, and at least at the beginning of the game.

UTEP is good. They have a good QB, a good RB and a couple of solid options. Their o-line isn't terrible, and their defense might be underrated. They will be super-duper hyped for the game, I'm sure, and will at least make it scary for awhile. I wouldn't be shocked, really, to see a close game halfway through the 4th quarter.

Still, we should win. We better win. It wouldn't be good at all in any way. We need to win. It doesn't much matter how it gets done, just that it does, in fact get done.

I bet it's a blowout, though. Not a real 'blowout' maybe, but one where the 4th quarter isn't watched on the edge of your seat. At least hopefully not.

In any case, just show up and talk about the game. It's on the road, so this place should be packed. We will have a second half thread if necessary. It better be necessary.

As far as predictions go, I'll take 45-21. I think the first quarter is played tight, and we have a couple of mental mistakes. Probably a turnover or two. We will win this game, though. I'm incredibly confident.

The Race for 4,000 begins.