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Kansas vs. UTEP Tale of the Tape

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Still early in the year and this is going to change a lot over the next few weeks but still some interesting things when looking at both teams through the first game.  For Kansas a complete flip in the offense where the running game is the strength and the passing offense is just middle of the pack.  Also a little encouraging, but like the rest it's way to early to declare, is the pass defense which currently ranks in the middle of the pack despite spending most of last season near the bottom. 

For UTEP a fairly balance offense that is probably a little better than the statistics indicate at this point.  Biggest concern would be the pass efficiency and pass efficiency defense, both of which are near the bottom third in the country currently but will be major areas of importance if the Miners want to beat the Jayhawks.

Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank

328 Rushing Offense 139 64

Passing Offense 233 T-44

547 Total Offense 372 57

49 Scoring Offense 17 79


Rushing Defense

150 74

111.11 Pass Effic. Defense 150.86 91

246 Total Defense 309 55

Scoring Defense 23 T-69

Net Punting 38.33 56

Punt Returns 5.5 60

17 Kickoff Return 17.33 85

T-10 2
Turnover Margin 0 T-43

Pass Defense 159 41

181.82 Passing Efficiency 101.25 86

Sacks 1 T-66

33 7
Tackles for a Loss 7 33

T-1 0
Sacks Allowed 1 T-31


I'll reiterate the fact that this is very early and there are certainly some things to take from this but at the same time Saturday might come around and this thing may take a 180.  UTEP in El Paso certainly isn't a game to take lightly. They do have the ability to put up points and despite losing to Buffalo last week in El Paso, this game will be "the game" for UTEP at home this year and their coaches will look to correct week one mistakes just like ours will.

What I'd like to see from the Jayhawks to help with a win:

  1. Pick up the passing game while still maintaining the balanced offensive attack.
  2. Correct the mental mistakes on defense last week, while also getting a little more creative in the game plan up front.
  3. Turvnovers, I know it's one week but being in the top 10 in turnover margin usually means good things.